road case Par 64 light flight case

Light flight Case is a kind of case that give best protection to your par light, Spotlight lighting, LED light, moving head light and other equipment with best hardware. 


Par can lighting is designed and marketed as a modern, energy efficient alternative to traditional PAR fixtures used in theatrical and broadcast lighting.RK par can light flight case can contains 6/8/10/12pcs par lights etc. 


RK are specializing in flight case for more 14years,RK flight case all use fire-proof plywood and RK has been producing in the LED light flight case for over 14 years and has its own factory. We are all using high quality raw materials to produce high quality products to meet customer needs. 



This pictures is specially manufactured for par lights. We can produce flight case for two, four, six, eight pcs light and so on, even according to the customer's desire to design. 



This one is mainly par 64 light, each one with a par 64 light, and the size of each frame is 250*250* 550mm,if you have any sound system and any equipment,our design team also can design for you particularly. 


RK not only does the flight case also makes pipe and drape,the stage and so on, we have the professional sales team to serve the customer. 


If you are interested in our product,please contact customer service.